Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions as to how we operate, what types of clients we tend to work with, how we are compensated, and our investment philosphy. We have attempted to answer the questions we receive most frequently below, but if there is something you still are unsure of, please give us a call at 301-258-1300.

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  • How do we get started working with Ivy League Financial Advisors?

    The process usually begins with a phone call. We have a brief discussion about your goals and concerns and what your expectations are from working with a financial advisor. If there seems to be a match between your goals and concerns and the services that we provide, then we set up an initial consultation.

  • Is there a change for the initial consultation?

    We do not charge for the initial consultation. Usually we spend about an hour together, using that time to get to know each other. We like to learn more in depth about your goals and concerns and what you expect from working with a financial advisor. In turn, we like our prospective clients to learn about us, and our financial planning and investment advisory process. We view the initial consultation as the potential start of a long term relationship, and like to give prospective clients enough information to determine if they would like to continue to pursue a potential relationship with us.

  • What should we bring to the initial consultation?

    Typically, prospective client focus on the issues that are causing them the most pain at any given time. These issues can be retirement concerns, investment concerns, estate planning concerns or other issues. Often times client bring the appropriate supporting documents—investment statements, retirement options, current estate planning documents. It is important to note that we do not require prospective client to bring anything to the initial consultation except for a willingness to share their goals and concerns and learn about us.

  • Who are your typical clients?

    Our typical clients fall into three categories:

    Retirees and Pre-Retirees. By far the over-riding concern of these clients can best be addressed by this question, “Can we live the lifestyle we want to live in retirement without worrying about running of our money?” Estate planning concerns and long-term care concerns also tend to rank among the higher priorities of these clients.

    Two-income professionals with children. These are attorneys, physicians, and corporate executives with extreme demands on their time. They know they have a myriad of financial planning and investment issues which need to be addressed, but simply don’t have time to address them all.

    Small business owners. These are entrepreneurs who are trying to run and grow a business and need someone to help them assemble a team of professionals to address the numerous financial concerns they have.

  • How do you charge for your services?

    As Fee-Only Financial Advisors, we are compensated 100% by our clients. Since the company was founded in 1999, we have never accepted one dollar from the sales of investment products or even from referral fees. Our compensation structure is explained extensively in our disclosure documents. Please click on this link to view them.

  • Do you work on an hourly basis?

    Typically the answer is “no”. We do not sell consultative services on a hourly basis—our clients are looking for an advisor to work with over a period of time to help them achieve their life goals, and we can’t do that on a hourly basis.