Investment Management

Although we at Ivy League Financial Advisors emphasize that there is more to wealth management than investing, it is also true that investment management is at the heart of every one of our client engagements. We have built our reputation for asset management in Maryland, DC, and Virginia because we carefully allocate assets, select excellent investment managers, and monitor investment performance relentlessly. These services are backed by our fee-only service model that guarantees that our advice is delivered with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Why It’s Tough To Do It Yourself

Some clients come to us having managed their own investments, and some clients come to us after unsatisfactory experiences with other investment managers. Either way, they have learned that it’s difficult to manage investments unless a clear, long-term plan is in place and the place is rigorously followed.

Our Investment Principles

Our portfolio management is built on the structure of the comprehensive financial plan we develop with each client. Using the goals outlined in the financial plan, we determine an appropriate investment mix, known as an asset allocation, that we believe balances a client’s investment aims with his tolerance for investment risk.

Our investments use the time-tested approach of diversification of assets to ensure that both short-term and long-term needs are met. We are not stock-pickers or market timers because we know that most of the positive returns from investing come from asset allocation, not the capability of picking winning stocks.

Our Investment Process

We have developed two important documents that guide our investment process and ensure good communications between us and our clients. We never want our clients to be surprised by what’s in their investment portfolios.

  1. Investment Advisory Agreement. This is a legal document that the Securities and Exchange Commission requires each client to receive before engagement can begin.. It gives Ivy League Financial Advisors permission to manage your investments on your behalf.
  2. Investment Policy Statement. Because we feel that the Investment Advisory Agreement does not provide enough detailed information on how your portfolio is to be managed, we also develop a strategic plan called the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is drafted by us and our clients jointly, and it serves as a communication vehicle for wealth management. It clearly states the client’s investment goals, tolerance for investment risk, liquidity requirements, client responsibilities, investment advisor responsibilities and the way that we will manage the portfolio. With this document as a guide, clients have a long term strategy that should weather both bull and bear markets and make sure they reach their financial goals

While written agreements are valuable, the greatest value of the relationship between us and our clients comes from our availability to discuss investments at any time. Sometimes, we will reach out to clients to explain major economic events that have changed our perspective on the investment climate and that might suggest a change in clients’ mix of assets. Sometimes, clients will contact us with their concerns about economic matters or about new needs that have arisen due to life changes.

We will always engage in dialogue and discussion, and we will work until a client is comfortable with our investment management. Find out what it means to have superior wealth investment management to build your financial future.

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