Corporate Executives

Corporate executives are very busy. When professional duty calls, personal issues sometimes have to take a back seat to business priorities. However, when personal financial matters arise, avoiding decisions can have serious consequences.

Since 1999, Ivy League Financial Advisors has been working with corporate executives of leading companies in the Washington, DC, metro region. We have worked with executives at Northrop Grumman, IBM, Lockheed Martin, MITRE Corp., Oracle, SAIC, and others.

These executives rely on us to provide objective advice about how they can structure their personal finances for long-term security. We relieve them of the day-to-day burden of managing their financial affairs, as well as looking down the road at major issues they might need to confront in the future. Our financial planning for executives displaces unnecessary time and energy so that corporate leaders can spend their time more productively on corporate matters.

Our Process. Your Priorities.

Ivy League Financial Advisors’ financial planning for executives begins with a careful review of all the immediate issues that an individual might be facing, such as family finances and cash flow, college educations for children, insurance needs, and so on.

Executives often have complicated investment portfolios that include stock or stock options granted by their employer. Ivy League Financial has the sophistication to handle those concentrated portfolio positions, while working with tax advisors to manage financial issues that arise from deferred compensation, Alternative Minimum Tax, capital gains, and bonuses.

Over time, as we get to know our clients and watch their lives evolve, we work on issues, such as care of aging parents, creation of trusts for children, and estate planning. When appropriate, we bring in other professionals with deep expertise in specific areas.

Throughout our relationship, Ivy League Financial Advisors reviews the comprehensive financial plan and makes adjustments. The result is that executives have peace of mind so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labors.