Our Wealth Management Services

Looking for experienced wealth management services in Washington, DC?

Comprehensive wealth management involves more than investing or asset management. It requires having a complete picture of a person’s or a family’s needs and building a plan that takes all of the relevant factors into account.

Since 1999, Ivy League Financial Advisors has been providing wealth management services to professionals and executives, and their families, in the Washington, DC area. We are recognized as a top wealth management firm because we back our expertise with a promise to provide objective, fee-only advice that is always in our clients’ best interests.

Our service options include:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning. A comprehensive financial plan is the platinum standard at Ivy League Financial Advisors. The plan emerges from a process that begins with a discussion of your goals and concerns. Next, your (or your family’s) cash flow analysis and balance will be prepared, followed by a tax analysis. With all the current information on the table, we will build an asset allocation that will help you reach your goals, but within your tolerance for investment risk. As we move ahead and your goals and your needs change, we will fine-tune those investments, as well as assess your insurance needs, estate planning needs, and charitable gifting desires. This ongoing service brings you peace of mind that all of your issues are getting sufficient attention.
  • Retirement Planning. For many people, retirement is the driving factor that leads them to seek professional financial advice. Ivy League Financial Advisors has extensive experience in developing retirement plans as the centerpiece for a wealth management strategy. For people who are nearing retirement (“pre-retirees”) and those who already are retired, we identify a sustainable withdrawal rate from assets and a balanced investment approach, and we pay careful attention to minimizing taxes. Always, we are answering this question: “Will I have enough money to support my lifestyle in retirement?”
  • Investment Management. Investment management at Ivy League Financial Advisors is built on the understanding that diversification and long-term investing are the cornerstones of success. We do not try to “time” the market, nor do we try to pick individual “hot” stocks. Instead, we assemble a diversified investment portfolio, and we monitor our clients’ portfolios to make sure they are meeting the objectives set out in our Investment Policy Statement.
  • Business Planning. Many clients of Ivy League Financial Advisors are owners of small businesses or professional practices. As a small business ourselves, we understand the many challenges of operating in today’s economic and regulatory environment. We have expertise in selecting retirement and benefit plans for small businesses, helping business owners increase the value of their business, and helping business owners develop a succession strategy for their own retirement.
  • Financial Education. Ivy League Financial Advisors has always been dedicated to educating our clients, as well as the general public, about financial principles. We believe that an educated client is more involved in the financial planning process, therefore they’re more committed to reaching their life goals. As fee-only, objective advisors, we have nothing to hide. An educated client is our advocate.

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