Insurance Analysis

Everyone needs insurance. Lacking adequate insurance can have devastating financial consequences. Yet, no area carries greater unknowns—because none of us know when the unexpected will happen. Unfortunately, insurance is often sold by people who earn outsized commissions by preying on exactly those fears of their clients.

Ivy League Financial Advisors is different. We don’t sell insurance. Period.

Our job is to objectively analyze our clients’ insurance needs and provide information they need to make prudent, affordable insurance choices. Our risk analysis process looks at both current needs and future needs in the context of a comprehensive financial plan. Where we see the potential for capital adequacy in the event that the unexpected happens, such as premature death or severe disability, we suggest additional levels of coverage.

Ivy League Financial Advisors insurance analysis covers life insurance, property and casualty insurance, liability insurance, automobile insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. We review our clients’ current types and amounts of insurance to determine if those policies are providing adequate coverage at a reasonable price. We make recommendations based on our understanding of a client’s total financial picture and goals, rather than a pre-judged level of insurance that “everyone” needs to have.

Ultimately, the purchase of insurance (if that decision is made) is done with the support of experienced, reputable, low-cost insurance agents with which Ivy League Financial Advisors has built long-term relationships.

Let us repeat: We do not receive any form of compensation for referring our clients to these insurance agents.

Finally, we will continuously review our clients’ insurance coverage to make sure that they remain fully covered as their lives and their needs change.

Our clients approach their insurance decisions with confidence that they can obtain the right types of insurance at the right amounts for a fair price. If you are concerned about how your insurance needs have been handled, contact us today.