Benefits of a Financial Plan

An Ivy League Financial Advisors comprehensive financial plan is your roadmap to a secure financial future. While nothing is guaranteed in today’s uncertain economy, our financial plan will give you peace of mind to know that you have a long-term strategy for success.

Our comprehensive wealth management plan begins with your goals and your current and anticipated finances. Next, your (or your family’s) cash flow analysis and balance sheet will be prepared, and investment analysis and tax analysis will be incorporated. With this information, we will build a long-term savings and investment management plan that will help you reach your goals, but within your tolerance for investment risk. As we move ahead and your goals and your needs change, we will fine-tune those investments, as well as address your insurance needsestate planning, and charitable gifting.

Your comprehensive financial plan will include these elements (where appropriate):

  • Major baseline assumptions about your income, expenses and investments;
  • Major financial goals;
  • Cash flow statement;
  • Balance sheet analysis;
  • Income tax projections;
  • Retirement planning and scenarios;
  • Investment analysis and asset allocation;
  • Insurance Analysis;
  • Education funding analysis; and
  • Estate planning.

Our recommendations and strategies will be designed specifically for your unique goals, needs, and financial situation. There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach at Ivy League Financial Advisors.

Please contact us to discuss how a comprehensive financial plan would address your needs.