Fiduciary Advisor

A financial advisor held to a fiduciary standard occupies a position of special trust and confidence. As a fiduciary, the advisor is required to act with undivided loyalty to the client. This includes disclosure of how the advisor is to be compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest.

Ivy League Financial Advisors has been a fiduciary advisor since its inception in 1999. We believe that a strict fiduciary standard is paramount in protecting clients and building bonds of trust.

Our Fee-Only compensation is at the heart of our fiduciary commitment. Since all of our compensation comes directly from our clients, they never have to worry about our motivations or intentions. Our clients can be confident that we are always making recommendations with only their best interests at heart.

Reflecting our fiduciary commitment, Ivy League Financial Advisors founder Christopher Brown has earned the honored professional designation of Accredited Investment Fiduciary™. This signifies that he has completed additional education and training about how to work with clients at the highest legal and ethical standards and has the ability to apply fiduciary practices to every decision.

The strict AIF® Code of Ethics as well as the NAPFA Fiduciary Oath, define our firm’s relationship with every client.

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